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                                           WEEK 1 OF ADVENT : 11/27 - 12/3


CLASSWORK for Monday, 11/28

Religion: review and highlight Study Guide for Chapter 7: Ordinary Time

Math: review and complete pgs 111 to 122 for quiz tomorrow

ELA: 1) re-read The Great Fuzz Frenzy, 2) review the Turn & Talk questions and pages 182 to 187 in My Book

3) Know It, Show It! book: pages 48 & 49


CLASSWORK for Tuesday, 11/29 (we did a lot of 1st steps to holiday projects)

CLASSWORK for Wednesday, 11/30:   NO SCHOOL / NO WORK

CLASSWORK for Thursday, 12/1

Religion:  Chapter 7 test

Math: complete pgs 125 to 129

ELA: 1) review for "The Great Fuzz Frenzy" quiz tomorrow

           2) complete worksheet for Nouns

         3). Phonics test #2 for short vowels


CLASSWORK for Friday, 12/2

Religion: 1st Friday Mass

Math:  practice skip counting by 2, 5, & 10 --forward and backwards

ELA: begin Christmas writing project in journal: 

     MY WISH

--for the world is________________________________________

--for my family is _______________________________________

--for my friends is ______________________________________ 

--for my school is ______________________________________

--for my parish is ______________________________________

--for myself is __________________________________________




Maternity of the B.V.M. School provides students with the tools needed to become successful citizens in the global community.  Keeping Mary as our model, we encourage students to say, Yes, to God.  

Our vision is to Be the Change, View the Goodness and Make a Difference.